Modi about Families & his understanding levels

Modi about Families & his understanding levels

Suchsmita Kabata from Mayurbhanj in Odisha: “Earlier in the monsoon wood-fired stoves got flooded, my children could not even eat…This time during the monsoon, with gas I don’t expect to have this problem.”

A Hamid moment? Not.

Modi: “Ok… that is a good thing, but what I asked you was, do you feed your children any new things or still only give them those big big thick thick rotis you made on the wood-fired stove?”

Hamid would not have been so derisive about any type of food a woman cooked for her children. He may even have known that rotis, big or thick, are not the usual fare in Mayurbhanj, a predominantly rice-eating region.

Suchsmita Kabata: “Whatever my children want, they say mummy make me this or that I can do that right away. Thank you, I and my family are much obliged to you for the LPG connection.”

Modi: “What is the really good thing you make, that your children like? What is the thing your children love?”

Suchsmita Kabata (patiently): “Maggi [instant noodles], chowmein, they like spicy things.”

Modi (incredulous): “You make Maggi?”

Suchsmita Kabata (defensively): When I make Horlicks for my children I have to heat water, now I can do it quickly.”

Modi (with a smile): “Now when the lord and master [patidev] asks for tea you must also be giving it immediately, so there must be fewer fights in the house?”


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